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Tom’s Story

Tom Mackey, 77 years of age and a former draftsman for the electricity board, avoids serious long term health complications due to expert advice from physio…

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John’s Story

After operations in both legs, John is enjoying the gym experience to get back on his feet…

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Daniel’s Story

Daniel Hardy, 60 years of age and self-employed consultant, gets back on his feet fast after suffering knee pain

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Patient Resources

Accelerated Development Programme in Pain [ADPP]

‘Patient Experts’

The ADPP will be a programme and platform that provides education, evidence, support, well-being and opportunity for those patients that are looking to live well with pain and help others in the future. You may be a patient that is currently living well with pain and are keen to help others on that journey. Or you might just want to better understand how living well with pain can help improve life for yourself and others.

Click here to apply to the ADPP

Watch Pete Moore, one of our Patient Experts, discuss his journey and who will be involved in the teaching on our ADPP

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